Sponsor Twittergasm

Hello enterprising and forward-thinking entity. I believe you are interested in sponsoring or partnering with Twittergasm 09. Welcome on board.

Ideally we’re looking for a pay per pledge or pay per tweet arrangement. I’m just a simple wordsmith but I should imagine that a clever company could find some opportunities in being responsible for the world’s biggest mass orgasm. Maybe Kleenex? Get in touch @dr_whom

Or you might be a charity who would like to benefit from Twittergasm, again please get in touch (@jordygal)

Or you might like to make money out of Twittergasm by selling branded mugs/t-shirts/kleenex, if so, dude that’s not cool (unless the money’s going to the Twittergasm charity, if so that’s very cool) – get in touch @dr_whom


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