Join In!

By adding your Twitter name you agree to join in with Twittergasm on July 4th at 21.16.

You don’t have to do anything to prove you’re joining in, we’re doing this on the honours system!

Your only responsibility is that at this time you will have an orgasm or do something that you consider to be extremely pleasurable (e.g. go surfing, eat six Magnum ice-creams, burst that industrial bubble wrap you’ve been saving, etc).

You promise to do this safely and responsibly and with a big, fat smile on your face.


20 responses to “Join In!

  1. @thecraigmorris

    Hooray for charity

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  3. Will I pledge?



  4. jekandhyd

    I’ll be there (or here)


  5. more_m

    … sounds fun


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  7. Steve


  8. Ian Palmer

    I hope this has worked?

  9. Gaz Beirne


    I will be out drinking for mine and my brother’s birthdays at the time – an orgasm may be a taller order.

    I’ll just get some magnums.

  10. JeoffHaskins

    You’re ALL worthy…

    Achieving a global string of multiple twittergasms is very worth it.
    Let the pleasure be felt cosmicly. šŸ˜‰
    May your experience be orgasmic!



  11. Its my wedding anniversary so perfect timing for a pledge of pleasure!


  12. fr33b1rdy

    Great charity idea

    @Fr33b1rdy will join in

  13. Elariel

    I’m definately gonna do this!

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