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The Sensitive Issue of Timing

With the intention for the Twittergasm to be a worldwide event, we wanted to make sure that it was done at a time that everyone could join in with.

For example, if we said the time was at noon on the 4th then people in Seattle might not have thanked us for making the Twittergasm co-incide with breakfast.

So, for that reason we’ve decided to do it all at the same time – in whatever timezone you’re in, thus creating a wave of Twittergasm around the world.



Why is that? Well – 21.00 is the time that traditionally marks the watershed, allowing for adult content. And 16 minutes because, well…


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How you can help

We’ve had a few enquiries about how people can help (thanks!)

  1. Obviously, the most important thing you can do is to join in. Feel free to comment but ultimately it can just be your Twitter username.
  2. Tell people about it, blog it, write about it, talk about it, film about it, sing about it. If you want any comments then @drlisaturner is your gal to ask. We’re using #twittergasm09 to keep track of stuff, so add that to your post.
  3. Recommend any suitable charities (to @jordygal)
  4. Suggest any suitable companies who might like to get involved (@drlisaturner)

We’ll no doubt think of more but that’ll do for the time being (and did we already say thanks? If not, thanks).

Just thought of another –

5. A header image. Something appropriate, but nothing mucky, somehow books doesn’t exactly say TWITTERGASM09!

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Just so you know

I’ll be updating the blog as and when possible. Probably in-between my award-winning and serious work as a journalist writer, cretin at large.

Please be tolerant as this is all being put together on the hoof because what started out as a fun idea could actually turn into something fun and useful. Shout at any of us if you need anything:





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Let The Twittergasm Commence

Just realised that there’s less than a month until Twittergasm 09. Got some stuff to do then:

– write blog explaining concept in pithy and immediate fashion. Communicate desire for Twittergasm to be beautiful, global moment of happiness, reclaiming sex and the orgasm from the monstrous beast of MSM and a celebration of humankind.

– channel extreme mania at excitement that new media could help us bypass an archaic, chauvinistic and controlling media and achieve Hippy ethos of loving people, loving nature.

– find company/benefactor crazy amazing enough to sponsor a worldwide orgasm.

– explain to wife why I’ve just spent a few hours making plans to hopefully make a significant number of people orgasm at the same time without angering her.

Follow @dr_whom, @DrLisaTurner, @jordygal and @janeruffino

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