What is Twittergasm?

A worldwide mass orgasm, co-ordinated, discussed and celebrated through Twitter. People pledge to join in with the orgasm (according to The O-Coach it doesn’t even have to be an orgasm, it can just be something you enjoy – eating a fantastic cake, skimming a stone across a beautiful pond, dancing a stately minuet, you get the picture) and at a particular point we all go for it.

How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up all you have to do is at 21.16 on the 4th July commit to creating your own Twittergasm moment.

It could be a good old-fashioned, common-or-garden orgasm; or it could be a moment when you sit down on a comfortable chair and focus on eating a delicious Solero – it doesn’t matter – the commitment is just to pleasure.

Before, during and after, we want you to talk about it on Twitter so that the world can for one moment be aware of, and immersed in, pleasure.

When is Twittergasm?

July 4th 2009 at 21.16 hours as observed in your own time zone.

Why do we need a Twittergasm?

Several reasons, here are some favourites:

– orgasms are fun.

– reclaiming sex. The mainstream media only ever portray sex as a bestial, bad thing. For them sex is about paedophiles, rape, teen pregnancy – it’s a dirty, horrible thing. Ironically, it’s also about selling papers by the age-old triumph of objectifying women. As a result you get tits on page three, rape on page four.

The giddifying possibilities of new media means we can now create and distribute our own values far more powerfully than a newspaper ever can. We believe that one of those values should be that sex is not wrong, it can be an amazing thing, a powerful and enjoyable and magical thing.

It’s also a thing we need to discuss much more (especially in the UK) in an open, honest and realistic way. Maybe by doing that we can start to break down some of the hideously disabling myths that have grown up around the MSM’s version of sex, maybe we can do something about the prejudice about different sexual beliefs, maybe we can address our woeful teen pregnancy rates, maybe, maybe, maybe… Here endeth that particular rant (for now at least).

– raise money for charity. The idea is that if lots of you join in with Twittergasm, then some enterprising company or individual will bankroll the world’s greatest orgasm and that money will go straight to charity. We’d like to think that it could be a £1 a person maybe? Let’s negotiate. That money then gets delivered to relevant charities.

– did we mention that orgasms are fun?

– We’ll add more as we think of them.

Who can join in?

Difficult, potentially dodgy ground this. Let’s just say that Twittergasm is for anyone over 18 to save us going to jail. You can enjoy Twittergasm on your own, with your partner, or enjoying yourself in a safe and responsible fashion with any number of consensual adults.

We absolutely encourage you to talk about Twittergasm, to explain why you’re joining in (or not). To tweet about the experience. Some have threatened to Twitpic, others say they’ll Audioboo. If you’re doing anything like that please offer any reasonable warnings (e.g. Not Safe For Work – NSFW)

I think this is a terrible idea and you’ll burn in hell for all eternity.

#1 – Meh.

#2 – Let’s chat. More discussions of a frank and open nature about sex can only be a good thing. If you don’t think so we’d love to know why, perhaps through a cogent and reasoned argument you can convince us why you’re right and we’re wrong.

I think this is a great idea and you’ll not burn in hell for all eternity.

Great. Don’t forget to join in.

Who’s behind this?

It came out of a conversation between @dr_whom, @drlisaturner (who happens to also be The O Coach), @jordygal and @janeruffino on Twitter. Just one of those curious little cul-de-sacs that Twitter can take you down, where you’re discussing things with an interesting mix of people. The next morning we thought that it was an idea worth pursuing. At this point (6/6/2009) that has yet to be borne out, but we’ve already got four people pledged so more people better join or it’s going to be a really awkward evening.


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