How you can help

We’ve had a few enquiries about how people can help (thanks!)

  1. Obviously, the most important thing you can do is to join in. Feel free to comment but ultimately it can just be your Twitter username.
  2. Tell people about it, blog it, write about it, talk about it, film about it, sing about it. If you want any comments then @drlisaturner is your gal to ask. We’re using #twittergasm09 to keep track of stuff, so add that to your post.
  3. Recommend any suitable charities (to @jordygal)
  4. Suggest any suitable companies who might like to get involved (@drlisaturner)

We’ll no doubt think of more but that’ll do for the time being (and did we already say thanks? If not, thanks).

Just thought of another –

5. A header image. Something appropriate, but nothing mucky, somehow books doesn’t exactly say TWITTERGASM09!


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